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Sharon MacMillan, MD, FACOG

Menopause Management

Dr. MacMillan has over three decades of experience in helping women manage hot flashed, night sweats, insomnia, irritability, short-term memory loss, depression, panic attacks and anxiety through natural; and clinical remedies and treatment.

Weight Management

We strive to create a safe zone for every patient. If you want to lose weight please do not let fear of judgement keep you away. We are nonjudgemental, supportive, and we are here for you.

Every woman is beautiful, and every woman can reach reasonable goals that she sets for herself....if she is wwilling to face the issue and do what she needs to do - and we can help.

Young Adult Visits

Adolescent girls are trying to find their way in the world as young adults, and this can create occasional tensions between mothers and daughters. There may not be full disclosure to her parents about her life activities, but she knows that she should obtain professional counsel. She may have a secret that she has been keeping, one that she desparetly does want to address, but has been afraid to bring up, a secret that could have profound consequences if unaddressed. While unknown sexual activity is often the parental concern, other significant issues can sometimes come up in the discussion. These issues can include such concerns as eating disorders, gender identity, depression, bullying, peer pressure, date rape, and drug or alcohol abuse. These are sometimes discovered at the first gyn visit, as it is the first time that the young woman feels that the environment is right to explore such issues.

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